Are worms harmful?

Worms are found in gardens and farms all around the world. They can even be found in abundance in all sorts of areas where human contact is limited. There are many types of worms that can be found out there. Tagging them all under the simple word ‘harmful’ is quite a wrong thing to do. Just because they look reminiscent to millipedes and centipedes doesn’t mean they have ill intent towards you or your prized garden and the plants that it contains.


Worms are creatures that have no legs or eyes, and simply propel themselves forward through the spring like motion of their bodies. Worms shouldn’t be considered as millipedes or centipedes as they move a lot slower and are almost unable to defend themselves against assailants. Aside from not being able to defend themselves against attackers, they are pretty much helpless if they have to attack anything by themselves. Their movements are so slow that nothing can possibly be caught by them. In addition to this, they have no naturally gifted weapons to defend themselves against predators. Their bodies are extremely simple; just long pink and slightly thick noodles which wriggle around in the soil, minding their own business. They don’t have any components on their bodies which could allow them to be harmful in any shape or form towards human beings.

1.      Earth worms are your friends

The main types of worms that you’ll be finding in your gardens are the earth worms. They are literally incapable of harming your garden as well.  Unlike caterpillars and slugs, earth worms cannot climb vertically across surfaces. All they do is remain on the ground or underground. The diet of earth worms mainly consists of small grass clipping and similar plant parts left on the ground.

It’s not just that earth worms don’t do you any harm. Earth worms are actually very beneficial for your garden. They dig networks of tunnels under the soil, which makes sure that enough oxygen reaches the roots of your plants. This helps them remain healthy, and lets them thrive more easily. Earth worms also create natural fertilizers when they excrete their body wastes. This fertilizer can come in very handy as you won’t have to invest in buying fertilizers.

For these reasons, earth worms are not simply neutral creatures which simply happen to live in your garden; they are really great for your garden and should be cherished and protected. Make sure you don’t dig too deep as to not disturb their tunnels. If your garden lacks earth worms, you should consider introducing some to it.

2.      Red worms and red wranglers

These worms are also harmless. They are generally used for making high quality fertilizers from the compost that you’re making. They consume the organic material and make fertilizers which you can use for your plants in its stead.

Make sure you don’t mistake worms for pests and end up killing them by mistake. Worms are great for your garden, and should be treated as such.