Are there flowers in the garden that are bad for your health

                                     Are there flowers in the garden that are bad for your health

Today a lot of people maintain their gardens. It is very good for them to take care of their gardens as this is what shows to the other people about their maintenance and cleanliness. But have you ever thought of that whether are there any flowers which may not be healthy for you? Yes! There are such flowers which are not good for the garden. You must check carefully that only the good plantation should be done by you. Garden is the place where a person relaxes, spends most of their time so it must be kept healthy and hygienic. Gardening needs a good technique how to keep it healthy. It’s not easy to maintain a garden.

It is not necessary that a professional gardener is required for the garden? Gardening can be done by you also as it is very good for the mental health. So it helps you in keeping fit & healthy atmosphere and making you mentally more energetic. The place where you spend your most of the time must be kept neat and clean. Gardening requires an active role of yours. The more you take care of your garden the more it will look good. It will enhance the beauty of your house too. You need to first check that which flowers you must plant and which one you should avoid. First of all you must check which flowers are not good  in smell and are very bad for your health. So you must take care of the following:-

  • Some flowers are not good in smell and such flowers should never be planted in your garden because it will never make your garden healthy. Your garden must have a healthy plantation. No one likes the flowers which do not smell good as it is the place where everyone sit and relax.


  • The flowers of the good fragrance must be planted so that it will really make you spend more time in the garden. It makes you mentally fresh and your surroundings look good. So , give heed while selection of the flowers which are to be planted in your garden.


  • It is good for the health as well when you keep your garden clean, healthy and keep it hygienic. A bad smelling flower doesn’t look good and does not create a positive environment as well.

There are some flowers which smell bad. Some of the flowers which smell bad are as follows :-

  • Amorphophallus titanium
  • Rafflesia arnoldi
  • Lysichiton americanus
  • Stapeli gigantea
  • Hydnora Africana
  • Helicodicerous muscivorus

Keeping healthy atmosphere with the good fragrance flowers makes the people also feel good when they visit your house. A good garden means a good looking you. You can really relate this to your life. Gardening is also practiced professionally today so this is very interesting to do whenever you are free as it makes you mentally fresh too. Healthy environment makes you healthy and thus make your garden look beautiful like your house.