6 Reasons You Should Try On Location Portrait Photography

6 Reasons You Should Try On Location Portrait Photography

Traditional portrait photography might bring to mind images of head shots, or very formal photographs taken to commemorate a special occasion, such as a graduation ceremony in a studio set up, with lots of lights and white or themed backgrounds.

However, modern artistic portrait photography with Aurora Photographic Agency is an experience that takes you out of the studio and into the beautiful world around you.

With the spring and summer months nearlyhere, here are six reasons you should try on-location portrait photography from AuroraPA

1. Document your life
From your childhood pictures to your grandchild’s pictures – photographs play an important role in capturing not only our memories, which can evoke nostalgia, but are important to have as keepsakes and personal treasures, documenting moments of happiness, love, and peace.

2. Capture moments that are impossible to pose for
Many of us can feel uncomfortable in front of a camera, resulting in images that feel forced, awkward, and over-posed. On location portrait photography is a much more natural experience where you and your loved ones can be captured in a natural environment, without even knowing the photographer is there; this results in images that show genuine happiness, laughter, and affection.

3. Express your creativity
Posing for photographs in a studio can feel very formal, stiff, and awkward. On location portrait photography is a much more relaxed and freeing experience, and you can work with your photographer to be much more creative, ensuing that you get results that you love.

4. Commemorate an occasion
On location portrait photo shoots are a great way to capture memories from a special time, such as an engagement photo shoot, wedding anniversary, graduation, pregnancy photo shoot, or for new born or family portraits.

5. Have a fun experience
The process of an on location portrait photo shoot can be a fun, bonding, and great experience in itself, you and your family or friends get to relax and enjoy yourself, while the photographer gets creative, and that’s before you’ve seen the amazing photographs you’ll have at the end of it!

6. Have something truly unique and special to have in a frame in your home.
Instead of a traditional backdrop and studio set up, we use beautiful outdoor scenery or perhaps even your favourite place, to capture natural and relaxed moments in patches of light, texture, and stunning natural backdrops, so that you’ll have something truly unique and special to display in your home or give to family and friends.

Our on location portrait photography sessions are relaxed, enjoyable, and unforgettable, capturing wonderful and timeless images that you will treasure forever.

Aurora Photographic Agency have a style that is a perfect mix of natural and creative, resulting in images that are full of life and character.